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Masks are difficult to buy. This has been the hottest topic recently. Many people can't buy masks, let alone KN95 masks. Some people may buy foreign masks, such as masks in the United States, masks in Japan, masks in South Korea, and different standards for masks in different countries, such as FFP2, FFP3, KF94, N95, KN95, KN90, DS2 various mask standards, So which one is better?

Different national defense epidemic masks use different standards, but have the same blocking and anti-epidemic performance. The more controversial is KF94, which should be slightly lower than KN95 and N95, which is basically the same. Regarding the EU FFP1 and other related, please read "Which is the European standard FFP2 and KN95?" In a general civilian non-oily environment, the general comparison The effect is:

Classification criteria:

FFP3> FFP2> N95 = KN95 = DS2> KF94> KN90> FFP1
Disposable Hospital Grade Face Masks
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